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Ash Qin is a content creator based in:
Belfast, UK
Focusing primarily on photography and digital art.

It has been a privilege that has allowed me to embrace and share my photography with you. I have been able to travel throughout Northern Ireland and what I have come across is that we have more in common than we issues that divide us. It is my hope that through my photography that I can offer a glimpse of our commonality, what unites us as humanity with wonder and possibility.

I photograph all throughout Northern Ireland and can be found across Antrim, famous for Giant's Causeway on the North Coast. Armagh, which holds the seats of the Roman Catholic and Protestant archbishops. Down, known for its extremely hilly areas, rising to the mountains of Mourne. Fermanagh where waterways are extensively utilized by cabin cruisers and other small crafts. Londonderry which contains one of Northern Ireland's major seaports. And Tyrone, home to strange mythic stone circles. I have been known also to occasionally visit places abroad too, some of which you may discover tucked away in my Portfolio.

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